Campaign: Post-Purchase Customer Onboarding Makeover

Multi-touch Email Campaign Makeover

My Role: Copywriter and Content Strategist

The Challenge

Transform a lackluster customer onboarding experience into an engaging introduction to the Autodesk ecosystem of resources and tools — while reinforcing the brand promise to help the customer “do more” with Autodesk solutions.

The Strategy

Create persona-based multi-touch nurture campaign to acquaint software administrators and/or end users with a holistic overview of the role/industry-specific need-to-know programs, resources, and tools.

The Result 

Reimagined Onboarding Touches

  • Touch 1 – Let’s get you set up
  • Touch 2 – Check out your support and community resources
  • Touch 3 – Explore your account management tools and features

Secondary Touches for Non-Responders

  • Touch 1 – Activate your software
  • Touch 2 – Assign permissions
  • Touch 3 – Set your preferences

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Ray J. Kelly

A writer, communications specialist, children's book author, and em-dash enthusiast, Ray lives in Palm Springs, CA.